Mindful Counselling Australia

At Mindful Counselling Australia we focus on helping you achieve mental well-being in your life. Our own experiential learning has shown that by cultivating a mindful approach in life we become aware, open, curious and present to experiences. This helps us to live a more meaningful and beneficial life.

Our founder, Asha, is an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor an educator and has used her own personal experiences to develop a systematic approach to help her clients get relief from stress, anxiety and worry. We offer counselling, tailored to many different sections of the community as well as workshops and courses on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

Our motto Energise Mindfully looks at how we can build on your positive experiences to:

  • connect to yourself,
  • create better relationships in your life,
  • have noticeable improvements in well-being,
  • have increased personal effectiveness in school, life and work,
  • have improved communication skills and
  • cultivate inner confidence and resilience.

Our work includes:

  • One on one counselling with children, adolescents, young adults and women.
  • Special group programs including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction & Socially Fit.
  • Advocacy for mental health and healthy relationships.
  • Workplace and community-based training.
  • Specialist offering for the Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD).

Please contact us should you have any queries, and we would be happy to have a conversation to discuss your individual needs.